Agronomy Division

Precision Agriculture

Stay on top with the newest technology out there that will help maximize your productivity and profitability.

Find out how you can grow more bushels per acre and increase your return on investment by utilizing Pro Ag's precision ag technology services.

Variable Rate Technology

Variable rate technology is designed to put your fertilizer and seed in the right amounts and in the right areas of your field. Pro Ag uses data such as satellite imagery and combine yield data to develop management zones within each field. Each zone is then managed to optimize placement of products in that area of the field. What VRT is basically doing is putting more fertilizer or seed in areas of the field that will produce better and cutting back the areas that do not produce as well.

Precision Ag Equipment at Pro Ag

  • 8 Variable Rate Airflows (3 of these have Twin Bins)
  • 5 Topdressers

Precision Ag Software

  • Yield Mapping-can make yield maps from all combined yield data
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Variable rate seeding maps

Precision Soil Sampling

  • GPS guided soil sampling
  • Zone Sampling
  • Grid Sampling

Why use Precision Ag?

Using the new tools available in precision ag can help you run more efficiently, use your inputs to their maximum capabilities, and be environmentally friendly by not over-applying to areas that do not need as much nutrients. By using this technology you should be able to increase your yields and your profitability per acre.

Locations and Contacts

Brandon (320) 524-2286

Jim VonWahlde, Location Manager

Tim Bennett, Agronomist / Sales

Jason Jenks, Precision Ag Specialist / Agronomist / Sales

Ryan Lorsung, IT Coordinator / Lead Agronomy Bookkeeper

Blake Satterlie, Agronomist / Sales

Anne Liebl, Agronomist / Sales

Robin Curtis, Bookkeeper

Mitch Korkowski, Applicator / Shop Foreman

Seth Christianson, Applicator / Shop

Ariel Way, Applicator / Shop

Paul Debilzen, Truck Driver / Shop 

Henning (218) 583-2947

Justin Newberg, Location Manager

Tom Anderson, Agonomist / Sales

Kyle McBrady, Applicator

Christy Fiskum, Office Manager

Sally Arndt, Office Assistant 

Parkers Prairie (218) 338-6051

Jason Moller, Location Manager

Susan Hart, Agronomist

Tony Witt, Applicator / Truck Driver

John Zimmerman, Applicator / Truck Driver

Arvid Hoppe, Operations

Clarissa (218) 756-2112

Derek Pratt, Location Manager

Steve Leiser, Agronomist/Sales

Marcus Meiners, Agronomist/Sales

Jared Hiebert, Agronomist/Sales

Logan Schmitz, Sales

Kathy Yates, Office Manager

Mitch Schumann, Applicator/Shop

Derek Schumann, Applicator/Shop

Ryan Hiebert, Applicator/Shop

David Sticha, Blending/Sales