What is a Cooperative (Co-op)?

A Cooperative is a business owned, collectively, by its members who share the benefits.  The Co-op's purpose is to provide its customers with a product, marketing assistance and services.  While Cooperatives have much in common with other businesses, there are some differences.  Profits, which in our industry are known as "savings" (i.e. money left over each year, after the costs of business needs are met) are returned to the customer.  At least 20% of these savings are returned in cash and the balance returned in stock certificates.  Stock certificates are retired with cash at a later date, depending upon the Co-op's policies and available funds.

Cooperatives operate on a one-member, one-vote policy.  Every common stockholder has an equal voice in the Cooperative.


Pro-Ag Farmers' Cooperative was established on January 1, 1998.  It was formed through a merger of two long established cooperatives - Miltona Creamery Assn. organized in 1919 and Urbank Cooperative Creamery Assn. organized in 1929.  This merger formed a large cooperative to meet the needs of its members in a rapidly changing crop and livestock farming environment.

Pro-Ag Farmers' Cooperative merged with Central Ag Services on January 1, 2013.  This merger of these two strong cooperatives positioned Pro-Ag to continue to grow and serve the needs of its members.

Pro-Ag Farmers' Cooperative merged on January 1st, 2015 with the Farmers Coop Feed Store in Browerville and again on January 1st 2018 with Hoffman Coop Grain Association.     

Pro-Ag is owned by its members that currently use the services of the company.  In 2013 at the cooperative's annual meeting we had 867 voting members, by 2020 we have over 1500.  Pro-Ag is governed by a nine member board of directors elected by the active members of the cooperative.  Each term is for a three year period.

Pro-Ag has ten facilities located in the following communities - Alexandria, Brandon, Browerville, Clarissa, Eagle Bend, Garfield, Henning, Hoffman, Parkers Prairie and Urbank.  The major products and services handled by the cooperative include bulk fertilizer blending and application, crop protection products and application, seed sales, bulk and bag feed manufacturing, sales and delivery, grain storage/marketing, propane and bulk fuel delivery.  Along with these major products we sell many other supplies used in agriculture production.